Saturday, October 27, 2012

Steve Lein On The Chama

Fishing Trip On The Chama River

Fly Fishing With Steve Lein

October 2012

The Chama River, just below El Vado Dam, is a highly productive stretch of river. Our family has been fishing this section of the river for more than 50 years and we are never disappointed. If you are interested in doing some serious fly fishing in New Mexico, our recommendation for you would be to have you contact David Cooper, owner of Coopers El Vado Ranch. Coop has a dozen really great cabins, located right along the river. These cabins offer all of the amenities that you will need to be completely comfortable in your stay at the ranch.

Steve Lein traveled down from Tulsa, Oklahoma and spent 3 days hiking and fishing with me. We covered a 10 mile stretch of water during the 3 day trip. Steve and I really had a great time together and caught a ton of gorgeous rainbow and brown trout during the fishing adventure.

Coopers El Vado Ranch offers super easy access to the river for fishermen of all levels. Steve and I choose to take on some of the more remote fishing spots which required some serious hiking. We hiked approximately 6 miles per day during our 3 day adventure. Our treks included river crossings which aren't for the faint at heart. The Chama is a wild river that gets pretty wide in spots. Even though Steve is a banker back in Tulsa, he crossed the river just like he did when we were kids.

Steve Lein - Fly Fishing A Very Productive Bend In The River

The area pictured above is approximately 1 1/2 miles below El Vado Dam. It's a challenging hike to get into this particular fishing spot, but, well worth the effort. Our grandfather and father fished this stretch of river some 40 years ago and caught 25 to 30 inch rainbows and brown trout routinely from this section of the river. Today, you can see expect to catch fish in excess of 20 inches in this area. 

One Of Our Favorite Fishing Spots

This particular fishing hole requires some serious hiking. I don't recommend fishing this area unless you are extremely physically fit. The hike into this section of river is approximately 3 miles and takes us approximately 1 1/2 hours of steady trekking. You will also need to cross the river at least once to get to this gorgeous spot.

Steve Lein - Crossing The Famous Swinging Bridge & Fishing Downstream Approximately 3 Miles From El Vado Ranch. 

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